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Beverages have always been a cultural icon through the centuries. There are customs and expectations in various countries around the world involving them.

Coffee was blamed for political upheaval and unrest in ancient Europe. Hot chocolate is a tradition in cold weather here in the USA. High tea is traditional in Britain. Toasts are considered a necessity in diplomatic circles. Then there is the belief that ‘nobody should drink alone’ among the local pub crowd.

My favorite custom is the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It embraces its own principles that include both inner and outer transformation. The principle of ‘wabi represents the spiritual experience of the human life. This is characterized by humility, restraint, naturalism, simplicity, profundity, imperfection, and asymmetry. This includes appreciation of unadorned objects, open spaces, and beauty that time and care impart to materials. ‘Sabi’ represents the outer or material side of life. It means to be ‘worn’ or ‘weathered’. That reminds us to cherish ourselves in the here and now just the way we are. It is a very beautiful and intricate ceremony.

My creations strive to strengthen and invigorate us. I want to create beverages that are both beautiful and healthy.


Super Vitamin Infusion
Blueberry Matcha Smoothie

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Blueberry Smoothie