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   Bread has been around since the dawn of agriculture. The fragrance of baking bread is irresistible. It brings up the thought of biting into a warm, crunchy crust and the soft delicious interior after that.  There are as many varieties of bread as there are regions in each country of the world. Not only is bread just an everyday staple in dietary terms, it has become a spiritual symbol as well. 
   Bread stands for bounty. The ‘bread basket’ of the world connotes a very productive agricultural region. The ‘bread winner’ of the home refers to the source of supply. The term ‘bread of life’ stands for living conditions, basic necessities, and spiritual fulfillment. Money and bread are used synonymously also.
   Breaking bread together is always a sign of harmony between people. Inviting someone to eat with you is both hospitable and friendly. Treaties have been signed between nations over dinner. Bread is used in religious rituals such as the Jewish Passover.
   Altogether, there are just too many varieties of breads from the four corners of the world to try and list here. There are just as many ways to make bread.  I want display my various versions of breads here. Hopefully these will enhance your lives with warmth and comfort.

Banana Bread

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