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Celebrations are the reason for cookies, candies, and treats. Of course they are made for desserts, snacks, and other ‘feel good’ moments, but mainly for fun times. Certain cookies play traditional roles in holiday celebrations around the world. Candies are especially revered as great delicacies in many cultures.

The fortune cookie story is a good example of a fun, colorful, exotic dessert.  It all began after World War II.  Traditionally, Chinese cuisine did not include desserts. Americans expected dessert and the fortune cookie came into existence as an economical and exotic way to finish a meal.  Since the fortune was considered to be the essence of the cookie, the texture and flavor weren’t as vital as a German Christmas cookie would be to the Germans. Those, by the way, are a traditional icon in Germany. Anyway, the fortunes evolved from Biblical sayings and aphorisms to lottery numbers, jokes, sage advice, etc.. Now the fortune cookie can be customized for parties, weddings, campaigns, and any occasion imaginable.

Fancy Fortune Cookie became the first gourmet fortune cookie bakery. They specialize in various colors and a variety of flavors. Dipping fortune cookies in different types of chocolates is extremely popular. Of course the sayings are also customizable.

My cookies, candies, and treats are presented beautifully with the artistic eye for detail in mind. I want them to be elegant as well as fun to dip into. Fun with a Flair!

Kiwi Matcha Pudding

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