Strudel and Cookie decoration assembly:

Mercer M35607 plating spatula
Mercer M35603 plating brush
Mercer M35142 plating spoon

Place all of the ingredients into a Vitamix. Use a tamper to blend evenly. Take a pastry bag with a 1M tip and fill it halfway with the mixture. Take a dehydrator tray with a teflex sheet. Make florets filling up the sheet half way to ¾ full. Place the tray in the dehydrator. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 8 hours. Remove from the dehydrator. Turn the florets over onto another tray with a teflex sheet. Continue dehydrating for another 4 hours. Add a tablespoon of filtered water to the remaining chocolate in the Vitamix. Blend it in. If it is still too thick, add in another tablespoon of filtered water. Pour the mixture into a squirt bottle. Place the squirt bottle into the refrigerator.

Cookie directions for dehydration:
Take the remaining pastry and roll it out flat on a teflex sheet. Repeat the same procedure as before. Refer to the video. Take a 3 1/2” food cutter. Cut out as many cookies as possible. Roll out the pastry again and repeat until all of the pastry is done. Place the cookies onto a dehydrator tray without a teflex sheet. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 8 hours. Makes 25 cookies

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Blueberry Confiture

6 cups fresh frozen thawed blueberries with juice (must be frozen because you will need the juice)

Almond Butter Chocolate Garnish:

1 16oz. jar of Organic Alive Almond Butter 
1 cup organic cacao powder 
¼ tsp. organic vanilla powder 
½ tsp. organic maca powder 
1 tsp. organic turmeric powder 
¼ cup organic coconut nectar 

¼ cup organic maple syrup 
½ tsp. Himalayan pink salt
½ tsp. Yakon syrup
½ tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 cup filtered water

Strudel directions for dehydration:

Mercer M35141 plating spoon
Refer to the video for step by step instructions on how to cut the pastry. Take the chocolate block and shave ½ to ¾ of a cup of chocolate slivers. Place the mulberries in a bowl. Place the almonds into a bowl.  Take the blueberry confiture from the refrigerator. Take the Mercer spoon. Place the blueberry confiture in a line down the center of the cut pastry. Make sure to drain off the excess liquid.  Place the remaining confiture back into the refrigerator. Refer to the video. Sprinkle the confiture with mulberries, candied almonds, dried blueberries, and chocolate. Refer to the video for folding the pastry. Take a cake spatula, sprinkle it with flour, and lift the whole strudel onto a dehydrator tray without a teflex sheet. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 8 hours.

Organic Mulberries (Living Tree Community Foods)

1 cup organic mulberries

Place the almonds into a bowl. Place all of the remaining ingredients into a measuring cup and whisk them all together. Place the mixed ingredients into the bowl with the almonds and mix in evenly. Place the almonds onto a dehydrator tray with a teflex sheet. Use a spatula and spread the almonds out over the sheet. Leave some room in between them so they can dehydrate evenly. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 5 hours. Take another dehydrator tray without a teflex sheet. Flip the almonds over onto the tray without the sheet. Continue dehydrating for 3 more hours.

Remove the squirt bottle from the refrigerator. Fill a pan with water and heat it up. Place the squirt bottle in the hot water to soften. Remove the almond chocolate flowers from the dehydrator. Take the almonds; freeze dried blueberries, mulberries, cookies, and strudel.

For Final assembly, refer to the video for decoration. The strudel will last in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. 
Note: While storing the strudel in the refrigerator, the pastry will absorb some of the blueberry confiture. It still tastes absolutely delicious even though the pastry texture changes just a bit.
To keep the crunchy cookies, it is best to assemble them just before serving. The cookie may be stored in a plastic bag in the freezer for up to one month. They will get soggy if stored in the refrigerator in a completely assembled state. The ingredients will seep into the cookie itself.

Place the mulberries on a dehydrator tray without a teflex sheet. Spread them out evenly with room in between them on the sheet. Dehydrate at 115 degrees for 8 hours. Remove them and hand flip them all around. Continue dehydrating for another 3 to 4 hours depending on how crunchy you like them. Place them into an airtight container and set aside.

Candied Blanched Almonds

2 cups blanched almonds chopped into small pieces
¼ cup organic maple syrup
¼ tsp. organic vanilla powder 
¼ tsp. organic ginger powder 
¼ tsp. organic cinnamon powder 
¼ tsp. Himalayan pink salt

Place the thawed blueberries with juice into a large bowl.  Add in the maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla powder, salt, maca powder, and lemon juice to the bowl. Take some food handling gloves and use your hands to break up the blueberries in the bowl. Mix by hand until half of the blueberries are broken up and the ingredients are evenly mixed. Leave some of the blueberries whole. Add in the psyllium husks and mix them in evenly. Place the bowl onto the bottom of the dehydrator at 115 degrees for 8 hours. Remove from the dehydrator. Using a large spoon hand mix the blueberries.  Once the Blueberry Confiture has cooled place it into an airtight container into the refrigerator overnight.

Garnish for Assembly

1 cup raw organic mulberries 
1 cup dried blueberries 
1 cup freeze dried blueberries

Supplies Needed:

Digital thermometer, large metal bowl, and rubber spatula. Make sure that the Vitamix container is totally free of any moisture because the recipe will be ruined otherwise.
Note: The xylitol powder is too gritty for chocolate and must be ground. Take the xylitol powder and place it into the Vitamix dry blender. Blend until it is a very fine powder. Chop the cashews into fine pieces. Sliver the cacao butter by shaving it. Take all of the ingredients and place them into a Vitamix. Turn the Vitamix on medium to high setting. Use the tamper the whole time you are blending because the Vitamix will over heat if you no not help it with the tamper. About 1 minute into the blending, turn the Vitamix off and scrape down the sides of the container with a spatula. Turn the Vitamix back on and keep mixing with the tamper. Monitor the temperature until it reaches 42 degrees. Do not scrape the sides down once it becomes liquid because when the chocolate reaches 42 degrees, only the middle will be suitable for use. Take a large stainless steel bowl and a spatula. Pour the liquid part of the chocolate into the stainless steel bowl. Bring the temperature down to 31.5 degrees by stirring the chocolate continuously in the stainless bowl with a clean spatula. Place the chocolate into an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. It will form a hard block of chocolate.

Take a dry Vitamix container. Place the oats in the container and grind them to powder. Place the almonds into a Breville food processor. Grind the almonds into very fine pieces but do not turn them into powder. Set aside. Make sure the honey is at room temperature before use. Place the water, sesame oil, honey, salt, and lemon juice into a Vitamix. Blend until evenly mixed. Add the psyllium and blend until evenly mixed. Set aside for a few minutes for the psyllium to take form. Take the almond flour and the oat flour and place them into a bowl. Add the mixture in the Vitamix to the bowl. Take gloves and mix the contents of the bowl by hand. Form a ball of pastry. Take a teflex sheet on the counter. Place the pastry onto the teflex sheet. Flatten by hand. Cut half of the pastry away with a knife and set aside. Take a teflex sheet and place it on top of the pastry remaining on the teflex sheet. Take a rolling pin and roll it out flat. The pastry should be 1/8” thick and flat when you are finished rolling it out. Take a knife and gently square off the edges. Be careful not to cut through the teflex sheet. Refer to the video. Place the remaining pastry that you remove from the sides and put it with the pastry that you set aside. You will use that for the cookie recipe.

Strudel and Cookie Pastry

2 cups rolled oats (soaked and dehydrated)
1 cup organic ground blanched almonds
¾ cup psyllium husks
1 cup filtered water
¼ cup sesame oil
2/3 cup Call of the Wild Honey 
¼ tsp. Himalayan pink salt
½ tsp. fresh lemon juice

Double Blueberry Strudel

​and Cookies

Milk Chocolate
Note: This is a tempered chocolate recipe.
2 cups shaved organic cacao butter
¾ cups organic cacao powder 
1/3 cup raw chopped cashews
2 tbsp. Sun Warrior Protein Powder
¼ tsp. Himalayan salt
¼ tsp. vanilla powder:
½ cup xylitol powder

¼ cup organic maple syrup
½ tsp. organic vanilla powder 
1 tsp. organic cinnamon powder 
1 tsp. organic ginger powder 
½ tsp. Himalayan pink salt
1 tsp. organic maca powder 
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp. whole psyllium husks