Tofu Douce
Best of Italy Pizza

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Food is love and love is life. Entrees are the life of the party and bring people together to experience love. Entrees are the heart of the meal. We enjoy the satisfaction that they bring and the memories they leave behind.

Spicy Thai Rice Soup
Best of Italy Wrap
Spicy Spiral Bouquet
Kelly's Pizza Potpourri
Best of Italy Wrap
mediterranean Chickpea Soup
Pistachio Pesto
Acorn Squash Suppreme
Chickpea Coconut Curry
Cranberry Kale Stir Fry
Califlower Marsala
French Country Tofu
Kelly's Special Spaghetti
Four Seasons Alfredo
Kelly's Pizza Potpourri
Marinated Walnut Portabella
Mediterranean Vegetable Melody
Kelly's Mexican Chili

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