Strawberry Frosting

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Blueberry Frosting
Raspberry Frosting
Raspberry Frosting
Raspberry Frosting
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   Frosting is the makeup line in the food world. It creates the desire to decorate and beautify food presentation. Versatile and colorful, frosting is a tasty way to express oneself creatively in any way imaginable.
   My frostings are not only made for decorative purposes, but serve as edible additions to all sorts of other dishes as well. I use my frostings in parfaits and spreads. They are created with various kinds of nuts, and I also use coconut as an ingredient.
   I created my frosting recipes with the idea of healthy foods in mind. I wanted to be able to store the frosting recipe in my freezer for many uses in different recipes. For instance, my breakfast parfait is layered with fruit, frosting, and a crunchy crust. I also have been known to create a frosting that can be used for a spread on such things as breads and crackers.
   Decorating with frosting is something that I would like to share here on my frosting page with you. I want to expand your awareness as I come up with new ideas, recipes, and designs. Life is Beautiful!

Ginger Mint Matcha Frosting

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