Fruit & Vegetable Sculptures

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‘WOW’ summarizes fruit and vegetable sculptures for me. I want mine to be over the top gorgeous. Detail and more detail go into the construction of a perfect carving. Teaching you how to do this simply, easily, and quickly is my goal.

The ‘Look’ comes first. Color is vital to the overall appearance of the presentation. It must be perfect to enhance the delightfulness of the moment. Next on the list is that the sculpture must complement and enhance the flavors of the dish. If not, it must work in counterpoint with the flavors. Third, it needs to be something that will not collapse or fall off the dish. Sculptures must be tasty and aesthetic. It must enhance the flavor in some fashion, such as adding a little sharpness to the overall flavor.

As you can see, I love to carve fruits and vegetables and use them for my sculptures. I design and carve my own. Since I greatly appreciate fine detail, I carefully wield a small carving knife and just take my time. It is quite relaxing and fun to do. As I create and design more of them, I will illustrate each step of the process so that you will be able to do these for yourselves. Inspiring the gourmet in each one of you is what I have a passion for.

C’est La Vie Gourmet!