(Raw, vegan, gluten, and nut free)

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Creativity and imagination are paramount in this portion of the meal. It is all in how you see and interpret your main entrée. The difference lies in presenting an utterly dull and boring evening or setting a tone of excitement and anticipation with plenty of unexpected, beautifully presented side dishes.

Here we come to the development and interpretation of the entrée. Fundamentally, the flavor pairings must be perfect. The secret lies in innovative pairings that aren’t usually used but do complement the main entrée. Achieving a good balance is next in line. Departure from the old standbys takes a bit of research into the various complementary foods and pairings. Creating variety with those lies in the treatment and presentation of the dishes themselves.

There are infinite combinations to look into. The sky is the limit!

(Raw, vegan, and gluten free)

Tahini flowers

(Raw, vegan, gluten, and nut free)

Italian Watermelon Panini
Sweet sunshine

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​Side Dishes